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Current Consumption in Raspberry Pi

February 12th, 2013

Raspberry Pi comes into two configurations the Type A and Type B. The power is supplied to the raspberry Pi board via the USB connector. Typically a power supply with current capacity of 700 mA or more is recommended.

We set out to measure the actual power consumed by the raspberry Pi. We took a USB cable and cut it from the center. This exposed four wires - we are here concerned with the red and the black ones - which correspond to the 5V and the ground. A bench power supply ( BK Precision 1630) was used, precisely set at 5.0V.

We connected the power supply to the board and powered it up with USB mouse and a keyboard connected. The current observed while browsing the network using midori browser was found to be 0.42 Amperes.


The current consumption as shown in the meter varied between 0.39 Amp to 0.47 Amp.

Although it looks like it is under 500 mA rating of the USB, we would like to mention that, this is only the steady state current. The peak current requirement for the board can actually shoot higher than 500 mA and the USB port, if you happen to power it by Laptop MAY trip.

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