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Connecting Raspberry pi 0 using WinSCP

March 7th, 2017

The topic deals with Raspberry pi using WinSCP. Let us understand what is WinSCP. WinSCP is a opensource software which is used to transfer files from local computer to remote computer. WiSCP supports windows operating system.


  • All common file operation
  • GUI
  • Text editor
  • Remote editor.
  • Supports public key authentication
  • Supports SCP,SFTP protocols


  • Can access entire directory of remote computer
  • Capable of transferring gaming files
  • Can drag and drop files from host to remote computer or vice versa.


Now let's understand how we can use WinSCP to connect to Raspberry pi from host computer.

  • Download WinSCP application file. Its comes in zipped file ,just extract file and you can view your application file, if  you get confused the biggest size file is your application file.
  • Now connect your raspberry pie to your home network using network cable also if you don't have ip address of Raspberry pie you can connect it to your computer and get IP address using command sudo ifconfig from command line. If you know ip address skip this.



  • Now run WinSCP application on your local computer, a box opens which asks for details like file protocol,hostname,username,password,port number.


Provide file protocol as SFTP, Host name or IP address of Raspberry, username and password of Raspberry, provide port number as 22 and login, you will be connected to your Raspberry pi and you can perform all common file operations, you can view entire directory tree structure, Drag and drop files. You can edit files with text editor. When you click file in remote file manager it is transferred to local machine, then you may edit file hence used as remote editor. you can also use local editing tools if you want and when document is saved remote version is updated automatically. So this is great application, hope it helps.


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