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Comparing netlist and designs in in Allegro and Capture

February 25th, 2017

How do we compare two Allegro brd files x.brd and y.brd and get a list of changes ? On the similar note how we we compare two OrCAD .dsn Schematics design.

This is the subject of this blog.

The Allegro provides a nice tool that is integrated in it - It is called Design Compare. Let us say you have two designs x.brd and y.brd. What you do is - open the x.brd file and then goto Toos -> Design Compare


Once you do that you can see an XML file that basically will have netlist and Package List. You can then expand this to see the netlist if required.


Now open the second design y.brd and again go to Tools -> Compare which will bring you the same window as the above. At this point click on the open folder icon and open the previous xml file 9 corressponding to x.brd) .


At this point you will see two side by side windows something similar to this


You can now click on the Filter Icon and select the required settings ( For Example Differences Only) and hit OK which will give you the List of differences.


The Scheme can be extended to compare two OrCAD Schematics Capture file differences. To compare two OrCAD Capture files A.dsn and B.dsn we generat two brd files x.brd and y.brd and then follow the same procedure above. It is a little longer and - but it works.