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Bootable SD Card for Raspberry pi 0

March 7th, 2017

This topic deals with how to prepare SD card for Raspberry pi 0 on windows operating system.  It requires obviously a SD card and two important things.

  1. image file
  2. win32diskimager application. Its is an application that writes CD/DVD image files to SD card, creating virtual disk drive.


1. Go to raspberrypi.org/downloads ,and download the operating system image file and win32diskimager application. For image file you can have standard operating system Raspberry  "WHEEZY" image file from raspberry.org. and  win32diskimager can be downloaded in the same way as you can't copy directly your image file to SD card. The below picture shows this step clearly.



2. Insert your SD card in to your computer. it takes few seconds to appear as your removable disk drive.

3.Downloaded file are zipped files ,so extract the two downloaded files and you will see a operating system image file(.img) and win32diskimager.exe file. Now Run your win32diskimager.exe file ,you may try "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"  ,a box opens shown below after few seconds.


Browse your image(.img)  file and select your removable drive for SD card. and then click "write" as shown below.  vv

Then you will get a confirmation box ,if you continue writing, you can click "yes" . Make sure you select correct drive to copy your image file. It takes few minutes to copy your .img file to your SD card.

4.After "SUCCESS" message remove your SD card and plug into your raspberry pi 0 and check. Make sure SD card connection is not loose to your raspberry pi 0.

5.You can also copy your image file from one SD card to another. Just follow the above steps and click "Read" for current SD card then unplug current SD card and plug new SD card ,click run win32diskimager ,select your image file, drive and click "Write" . The image file will be written to your new SD card.

Thus you can boot up your Raspberry pi using your SD card on Windows operating systems like XP.7 ,Vista or 8. Hope this is helpful.


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