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Best Universities for Master's in Electrical Engineering in USA

July 12th, 2019

Reference Designer has very popular tutorial section that covers a number of Electrical Engineering topics. Many of our readers wanted to know about Masters program in Electrical Engineering in United States. Before we go into the details, you must understand that there is no substitute of hands on experience in Electrical Engineering

Engineering is the second most popular major in the United States after Business and Management. Master’s program in electrical engineering can fetch you a premium salary with starting range of $110k/ year

Here are top ranked 10 universities which offer Graduate program in Electrical engineering

Harvard University

Electrical engineering has continued to play a pivotal role in power
and energy distribution, communications, and computation, even as the power-carrying channels have evolved from heavy metal cables to nanowires or optical fibers the networks of communications have evolved from wires to wireless to neurons and the basic electrical
switches have evolved from vacuum tubes to transistors to carbon nanotubes.

Tuition for Graduate Programs: $44,816


Northwestern University

The PhD program in electrical engineering emphasizes excellence in education and research, providing graduates with a solid foundation for a career in industry, academia, and research labs.Tuition:


Washington University in St Louis

The Electrical Systems Engineering offers doctoral-level and master
-level degrees in Electrical Engineering and in Systems Science Mathematics. At the doctoral level, both the PhD and DSc degrees are available, which typically require four to five years of full-time study leading to an original research contribution. Applications
to signal processing, statistics and machine learning, control and mechanical engineering, digital and analog circuit design, and finance.

Tuition: $50,650


University of Southern California

The MS in Electrical Engineering will have the professional skills necessary to compete effectively in a world of rapid technological change as well as to assume leadership roles within industrial, entrepreneurial, academic, or governmental environments in the
broad context of electrical engineering.Tuition: $43,200


Tufts University

The Electrical and Computer Engineering is a growing interdisciplinary
department with a focus on research and education in a wide variety of sub-disciplines, ranging from image and signal processing to nanoscale engineering.
Tuition: $49,892


Lehigh University

The rapidly growing graduate program in Electrical Engineering is uniquely
positioned to advance enabling technologies that drive revolutionary developments in nanotechnology, biotechnology, optical technologies, information and communications technologies, and sensors and sensor networks.
Tuition: $26,280

Northeastern University

The PhD program in Electrical Engineering aims to teach students to
develop efficient systems that contribute to business, safety, health, and entertainment. Northeastern’s PhD program in Electrical Engineering offers the opportunity to pursue cutting-edge research in the following areas: Signal and image processing biomedical
signal processing and brain-computer interface pattern recognition adaptive signal processing wireless and underwater communications information theory and coding .Tuition:


Southern Methodist University

M.S. degree in electrical engineering or in a closely related discipline
from a U.S. college or university accredited by a regional accrediting association or completion of an international degree that is equivalent to a U.S. master’s degree from a college or university of recognized standing.

Tuition: $40,896


Colorado School of mines

Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering.
These degree programs demand academic rigor and depth yet also address real-world problems. In many cases, individual research projects encompass than one research area. Information and Systems Sciences is an interdisciplinary research area that encompasses
the fields of control systems, communications, signal and image processing, compressive sensing, robotics, and mechatronics.

Tuition: $35,220


University of Denver

MS in electrical engineering offers students the opportunity to enhance
their understanding of specialized electrical systems such as search and rescue robotics, sustainable energy and power systems, unmanned vehicle systems and social emotive robots. We provide a graduate education that emphasizes both multi-disciplinary and
cross-disciplinary knowledge.

Tuition: $47,520


To find out more about colleges offering electrical engineering master’s program, check out College Hippo


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