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AMD Turion II P520 processor review

October 3rd, 2010

The AMD Turion II P520 processors are clocked at 2.3 GHz and have two cores. If you are going to buy or have bought an AMD based notebooks, it may have been powered by AMD Turion ii P520. Some example of the P520 based notebooks include HP G42-230US, HP Pavilion 16 dv6z Entertainment PC, and HP Pavilion DV6-3010US .

Both the core of the P520 has a cache memory of 1 MB each that makes up a total of 2 MB memory and this helps in giving out decent performance. Combined with the lowe price the Turion ii processor has been able to give serious competition to the core 2 intel processors. The performance of the turion ii processor has been marginally less than the similarly clocked core 2 intel processors.

The Turion ii P520 is a low power processor. It has a TDP rating of just 25 Watts. The low power helps in the design of high battery life processor design.

Some of the benchmarking results available show that the AMD Turion ii P520 takes 70 seconds in calculating Super Pi 2M calculations. It may be worthwhile to compare it with the core 2 P7370 processor which, when running at 2 GHz takes just 60 seconds. It therefore, forms the basis of the fact that the Turion ii processors have marginally similar performance level with the core 2 processors running at about the same frequency.

As far as the Turion II P520 processor architecture is concerned, it is manufactured with 45nm fabrication technology. The best part of the Turion II 520P processor is the integrated DDR3 memory controller. The Integrated memory controller enhances the speed of the makes processor to memory communication.

Another architectural feature of the Turion ii processor is the HyperTransport Link with which the processor communicates with the chipset. The HyperTransport is a high bandwidth bus which ensures that there is no bottleneck in communication with teh chipset which eventually communicates with other perpherals.

Conclusion - With AMD Turion ii processor in your notebook, you may rest assured of a decent performance. The processor may not be cutting edge and may not play the latest gaming but should be good enough for your daily needs. If you are looking for still higher performance processor ( or the notebooks that have higher performing processors) you may like to take a look at the phenom ii based notebooks or the intel's core i5 based notebooks. With the launch of the Sandy Bridge processor that equation is going to be interesting, as, the
sandy bridge processors will have great integrated graphics capability as well.


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