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New Javascript Framework Tutorials added

February 23rd, 2013

Encouraged by the positive responses of our javascript and the jQuery tutorial, we have added some more javascript framework tutorials. One of the good things about these tutorials is the ability to make changes in the code and see the results online. We think that the best way to learn is by practicing on the examples, making changes in them and see what happens if.

It is in this background that we have added the following tutorials.

1. Prototype Tutorial

The prototype is a rather old javascript framework, and is slowly loosing its relevant with the advent of the jQuery. However, many older sites still use the Prototype, and you may need to refer it in case you come across it. Hence the Prototype Tutorial. For now there are only two pages but more is coming.

2. Ext JS Tutorial

ExtJS is a professional javascript framework which is gaining ground with support of a lot of graphics elements. If you are looking for developing a cloud application with lots of graphics, the Ext JS tutorial will come handy.

3. Dojo Tutorial

Dojo is still another framework, which may surprise you with the functionality it provides. It is almost as popular as the jQuery and is widely used. Check the Dojo Tutorial here.

We look forward to your comments and descrepencies in these tutorials. Any suggestions for improvement will be highly appreciated.


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