New "Software Drive" for HubPiWi Blue.

February 15th, 2017

Good News! We have now made a 'software drive' avalible for the HubPiWi Blue. You can download it here:

Please note a few key things before downloading.

- This is a fresh new version of Raspbian Jessie 5/27/16. (The Newest version is not compatible with the HubPiWi Blue yet). This means that you will have a fresh out of the box version of Raspbian, only slightly modified, so that the HubPiWi Blue can work.

-This is ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH 16 GB!. We made the kernel on a 16GB card. This file will most likely only work with 16 GB cards. We will be making a version for 8GB cards by 2/20/17.

- You will have to write this onto an SD card, like the regular Raspian Jessie. You can use a programmer like Win32 to write the file onto an SD card.

Have a happy time surfing the web on your Pi Zero. 🙂

Download Link:


Comparing netlist and designs in in Allegro and Capture

February 25th, 2017

How do we compare two Allegro brd files x.brd and y.brd and get a list of changes ? On the similar note how we we compare two OrCAD .dsn Schematics design.

This is the subject of this blog.

The Allegro provides a nice tool that is integrated in it - It is called Design Compare. Let us say you have two designs x.brd and y.brd. What you do is - open the x.brd file and then goto Toos -> Design Compare


Once you do that you can see an XML file that basically will have netlist and Package List. You can then expand this to see the netlist if required.


Now open the second design y.brd and again go to Tools -> Compare which will bring you the same window as the above. At this point click on the open folder icon and open the previous xml file 9 corressponding to x.brd) .


At this point you will see two side by side windows something similar to this


You can now click on the Filter Icon and select the required settings ( For Example Differences Only) and hit OK which will give you the List of differences.


The Scheme can be extended to compare two OrCAD Schematics Capture file differences. To compare two OrCAD Capture files A.dsn and B.dsn we generat two brd files x.brd and y.brd and then follow the same procedure above. It is a little longer and - but it works.


How to import text file in Allegro PCB

February 25th, 2017

In many cases, you need to import a text file in the Allegro PCB. A common example is the text in the Drill drawing. You may want to have a common text
file that you include in all the PCB designs, so that you do not have to include the same text again and again.

We assume that you already have a text file that has the content you want to import.

All you have to do is go to Add -> Text.


Then click at the place where you want to place the text ( you can move it later) and then click the right mouse button and select "Read from File". You can then point to the file you want to import the text from and you are done.


If you repeatedly use same text ( in for example Drill Drawing text), you can save the text as a sub drawing and then import the subdrawing in other designs. Let us say, your design A.brd has standard text. You need to open the A.brd file then go to File -> Export -> Subdrawing and then Select the text you want to export. It will prompt for the Filename you wnt to save it as. Let us call it DrillDrawingtext

Now you want to import this file to B.brd. Place the file DrillDrawingtext.clp that you imported in the same directory as your B.brd. Now go to File-> Import -> Subdrawing and it will list the the File DrillDrawingtext.clp that you placed in the director. Click it and place the text you want to.

We have complete Allegro PCB Tutorials here and we have added many more common footprints. Some of the recently added footprints are

1. Common BGA
2. QFP ICs
3. Common Connectors
4. DIP ICs
5. Common ICs
6. Common Inductor
7. Common Diodes
8. Common Transistors


Software Drive For 8GB Cards for HubPiWi Blue

February 21st, 2017

Good News! We've made the software drive available for the HubPiWi Blue. As per the 16GB Card, please make note of a few things.

- This is a fresh new version of Raspbian Jessie Pixel 1.2 Feburary 2017. This means that you will have a fresh out of the box version of Raspbian, only slightly modified, so that the HubPiWi Blue is compatible.

- This 8GB Card is compatible with both a 16GB card and an 8GB card.

- You will have to write this onto an SD card, like the regular Raspian Jessie. You can use a programmer like Win32 to write the file onto an SD card.

Have a happy time surfing the web on your Pi Zero. 🙂

Download Link:


How to Fix Two Wifi Issue on HubPiWi Blue

January 30th, 2017

If wlan0 and wlan1 keeps on popping up on your screen,
Then dont worry, we found a fix.

By default, the RealTek Chip will function as a station and an access point simultaneously. If you want it to function as a station only, follow these instructions.

First, open up the command line.
Type in these three commands:

git clone
cd rtl8723bu
nano Makefile

Now a file should pop up. Go to the line that says:
EXTRA_CFLAGS += -DCONFIG_CONCURRENT_MODE. Put a # Infront of that line. This will disable the access point. Now, in the same terminal, type these three lines:

sudo make install
sudo modprobe -v 8723bu

This will take around 5 - 10 minutes.

After that,
Type in

Sudo Reboot

After that,

You should have it fixed!


Issues and Solutions with HubPiWi Blue

January 30th, 2017

We wanted to list out the issues that HubPiWi Blue users are facing at one central place so that we do not have to write the same thing again. You should be able to resolve most of the issues that you are seeing if you go through these steps. You can always contact us if your issues are not resolved.

1. Did you get your USB port working in 1st place

- Before you do any software update or test Wifi, just hook up the HubPiWi blue to the Raspberry Pi Zero with its stock Raspbian Jessie installed. Just connect any USB mouse or Keyboard to any of the USB Port and it should just. If it does not, there is no point of updating the software. Here are the possible issues if you see issue at this stage

A. The Pins are not aligned correctly. The Pogo Pins should NOT be aligned to the side of the Pi Zero that has 40 Pin Connector but opposite to it that has test Pins aligning with the Pogo Pins.

2. Few users have reported that the USB Port will stop working after the update. We are not sure why this happens, but you can try using a high current 2A Power supply to make sure that the Power Supply is not an issue.

3. Some users have reported that the iwconfig command lists out two devices.

With HubPiWi Blue installed and working, give iwconfig command.
- See that it lists two wifi

What you need to do is to set up the device in non concurrent mode.
Step - 1: Run the following commands in the Linux terminal.

git clone
cd rtl8723bu
nano Makefile

Step - 2: Find the line that contains EXTRA_CFLAGS += -DCONFIG_CONCURRENT_MODE and insert a # symbol at the beginning of that line. This comments that line and disables concurrent mode.

Step - 3: Now, run the following commands in the same Linux terminal.

sudo make install
sudo modprobe -v 8723bu

For detailed information please see

"If you want to operate the hardware as a station AND as an access point simultaneously, follow these instructions. This will show two devices when you run the iwconfig command."

This is a section of my reply to one person at kickstarter.

FOllow the following steps

1. Use a fresh SD Card - no updated in the driver. Now install the HubPiWi Blue with the provided screw.

2. Make sure that the Pogo Pins are on the correct side. It should make NOT make contact with the 40 Pin side - but the other side of it.

3. At this point hook a Keyboard or a mouse on one of the USB Ports of the HubPiWi Blue. Make sure it works. If it does not work send me a message and I will send you replacement.

4. If the USB Ports work, you may proceed to install the software for making the Wifi and Bluetooth to work - not that it has no chance to work if you see failure in step 3.


We have just uploaded the file for 16 GB Card - please follow it here - Download it and burn on 16 GB SD Card and let us know if it works. The file for 8GB Card is being uploaded shortly.